Friday, July 27, 2012

"Storm Tide, Color on Gray"

Pastel on Wallis, 12x9

When the summer storms come at high tide, the waves push almost into the dunes. The colors among the sea oats are their purest after the rain.

This painting was inspired by a photo of the beach after a summer storm.  The high tide the night before had washed sea weeds into the base of the dunes.  As the sun was starting to come up, the sea oats were awash with color, and the grays of the storm grew muted by purple.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Windy July, Sea Oats"

Sumi ink on paper, 9x12

As an exercise, I use sumi ink on "rice" paper. The nature of the ink, brush, and paper force me to discipline my mind while I release my expression and motions.

In July, the sea oats hold their heads high and bend their long stems in unison to the sea breeze.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Palm on the Water, II"

Pastel on UArt, 9x12


This picture of a single palm tree standing straight and proud on the edge of the marsh is a representation of a palm that I have used several times in other paintings.  It is near a group of palms but stands separate from them closer to the water as if it is the rear guard protecting the grove from the incoming tide. 

The haze of the late afternoon mutes the greens of the distant pines and oaks with shades of gray and lavender while the sky and water are painted with gold and purple.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Palm on the Water, I"

Pastel on UArt, 9x12

This is an image of a single palm tree that stretches its curved form over a bend in an old boat channel through the salt marsh.  In the late afternoon, the distance fades to lavender, but the foreground blazes with color

I started this painting with Chinese ink on UArt paper.  The use of the ink and brush help me simplify and solidify the design.  Then I added color and "drama" with pastels.

This is the beginning design in Chinese ink.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Guardian

Pastel on Arches, 14x18

This painting is available, $250.00.  If interested, contact me.

This pine tree towers above the open meadow by the pond at the Arboretum.  This piece was originally done en plein air at the "Brush with Nature" paint-out.  Since the painting did not find a new home, I took the liberty to touch up the shadows and the highlights at Patty's suggestion.  The result speaks for itself.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Palms

Pastel, Ink, and Watercolor
on Wallis Pro - 5.5x8.5

Palm trees and the salt marsh have become a favority theme for me.  These two paintings of palm trees on the salt marsh were done by doing a sketch in Chinese ink, shading and coloring it with watercolor, and then adding the values, color, and detail with pastels.

This project started with sketches on my white board.

Both painting have been sold.

 Then I added the Chinese ink in broad outlines of the subject.

Next I added the color tones and suggestions with watercolor.

Finally, this is what the whole process looked like.

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Thru the Oak Thicket"

Pastel on UArt 600, 9x12

To purchase on E-Bay, click here.

The woodland in front of Pablo Bay will be developed in the next year, and all the trees will be gone.  This painting was done from a photo I took some weeks ago, but the photo was out of focus. 

I've taken some license with the photo and added my own expression.  I pushed some of the color and the values and added detail where it seemed to be needed.  This small piece was done with the possibility that it could be developed into a larger work.

This picture was up on E-Bay under a different title - "Path to St. Paul's 1" - and did not sell.  I went back and punched up the shadows with some purple and lavender.  I removed the original photo and replaced it with the update, changed the name of the painting, and lowered the price.

Friday, July 6, 2012

"Sunlight Center Stage"

Pastel on sanded Arches - 21x14

When I matted and framed this piece, I realized that the design of the foreground did not draw the eye of the viewer into the focal point, the sunlight in the center middle ground.  I revised this painting for a third time - changing the foreground to remove the branch to the right. I am much more pleased with this design and its effect.

I wanted to convey the warmth of the summer in the marsh, but I also wanted to capture the fleeting light and shadows as the ray of sunlight light fell on the cord grass and spartina. In order to make that statement, I moved from my earlier green green pallet for the spartina to a more autumn pallet to add yellows and browns to the grass. The light falling in the center makes the broad scene more accessible and much more dramatic.

As I worked on this painting through its several revisions and through the change in camera, my goal has been to present this scene to convey my praise the the Lord, the Creator.  On the back of this painting I have written the words, "to the praise of His glory."  I want this to be the theme of what I do.

This is the first revision of the painting I posted in June.  I redid the foreground on this piece from what I published late last month.