Friday, June 15, 2018


Pastel, 6x9

As the storm builds and advances, blocking the setting sun, there are few people left on the beach to appreciate the color and drama.
This is a rework of an earlier painting.  My inspiration was the bright white that outlines the clouds when the sun is behind them and the brilliant colors that diffuse through them.
To purchase this painting, visit my web-site - "Approaching"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lilies 2

Pastel, 4x6

The lily pads float in the reflection of the azure sky like star ships passing among the bright blossoms.

Etude Rework - Pink

Etude 1B - Pink

Pastel 6x6 on UArt

This is a "rework" of one element of an exercise I had done earlier.  The result from the previous effort left the sky too brick-red and lifeless.  I am in the process of filing and categorizing my works, and some are being reworked.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Daily - Lilies 1

Daily Painting - Pastel 4x6

This small pastel is another of my daily "quick" studies.  It is available in  5x7 mats as pictured for $40.  That price includes postage. Contact me by e-mail or Facebook if you are interested.

Daily Painting 2018 06 07

Untitled - Pastel 6x4 / 4x6

These small pastels are my daily "quick" studies for the last two days.  They are available in  5x7 mats as pictured for $45.  That price includes postage. Contact me by e-mail or Facebook if you are interested.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pet Portraits - Rick Petersen, Artist

Pet Portraits
by Rick Petersen
We all have pets that have become part of our lives, but we often fail to get pictures of them that memorialize their personality.  Have you considered having a portrait made of your special friend?  If you have, I really want to create a memorable likeness of your pet.
·        Let’s start with a conversation.  Please contact me by e-mail, Facebook, or Messenger/phone.
o   E-mail –
o   Facebook – Rick Petersen
o   Messenger / phone – 904 651-6939
·        I want to hear all about your pet, why he or she is special, and how you relate to each other. 
·        My work will start with photos, so I need you to send me photos of your pet that show personality, unique expressions, and special moments. 
·        If you decide you want me to do a portrait, I will do one or more pencil sketches, and I will send you copies to let you know what I plan to do.  
·        When we are ready to begin your portrait, we will complete a formal commission contract that contains the specific commitments, prices, and dates that we agree to, and I will begin work on the portrait.

Let's start the conversation....

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Daily Painting, 2018 05 15

Pastel, Daily Painting, Double matted - 4x6

The idea for this small study is the openness of the beach late in the day with only a few visitors strolling while the sea gulls wait for the tide to come in.

These paintings will be available through my gallery - Georgia Nick Gallery in St. Augustine, or they may be purchased from me directly.  Please see my web site for details. Click here for details.