Friday, July 31, 2015

Beach in Dawn Colors

Pastel, 6x9

Even in the winter, the rising sun paints the sky and the beach in radiant color.  I have tried to capture those colors with this view of Jacksonville Beach just before the sun comes up.  In the chilly days of February as the rain passes and day begins, the sense of stillness and color is exceptionally vibrant.  The dampness deepens all the colors of the winter grasses, and the rising light paints the shadows on the sand with deep purple.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beach Way, A Study

Pastel over ink and watercolor, 5x7

Along Neptune Beach, the low dunes are punctuated with paths that have provided access to the beach for years, the paths are well marked with the footprints of others who have come this way.  With the breaking clouds, the beach beckons with a clear invitation.

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Gray Day, A Study

Pastel over ink and watercolor, 5x7

This is my view of the walkway to the beach from Walnut Avenue in Neptune Beach.  The day was gray and mostly overcast and the wind was steady and strong from the south west.  The waving sea oats and the soft light give the scene a feeling that heavy weather is coming.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Evening Walk, Study

Pastel on UArt 240 - 6x9

The last light of the day paints the sky with gold and lavender which is reflected in the wet sand and broken waves.  The beach is nearly deserted in the evening after the tourists and families with children have gone. As the light falls and the temperature drops, this is the perfect time to come out for a stroll on the beach.  

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