Monday, February 25, 2013

Kathleen Galligan Workshop

"Intradune Marsh" - 12x9 - Day 1
I chose this view because of the contrast in linearity between the oaks and cedar in the foreground that show their bulk and roundness, the intradune marsh with is generally flat and horizontal, and the dunes in the distance which offered the horizontal with variations.  From where I had to stand, there was a large sign blocking more than half of the left side of the scene, so I had to walk a few steps forward to be able to see the image I was trying to paint.  I widened the path and removed some of the shrubs to give a view of the marsh and dunes.

"Cloud Divergence" - 12x9 - Day 2, Number 1
Day 2 was very windy and the clouds constantly built and broke apart as they marched across the sky.  In order to create the sense of vastness and movement in the clouds, I had to minimize the land and lower the horizon.  I kept in the few scrubby trees as a focal point, and added the sunlight on the marsh grass for and accent.

"End of Day" - 12x9 - Day 2, Number 2
Later in the day, I had time to start another painting.  I was drawn to this clump of trees on the edge of the salt marsh.  This was an interesting mixture of varieties of live oak trees - most of them were losing their leaves and getting new growth, but one in the center held its old leaves providing a dark background to the open branches of the other trees.  I did not get a chance to finish the foreground and add a suitable transition from the small grove to the grasses in front.

"Staying Put - Low Tide" - 12x9 - Day 3
For the final day, we worked under the constant threat of rain.  The overcast broke from time to time giving sunlight and broken shadows on the marina.  The tide was low and going out further when I started this painting.  The first thing I did was sketch the basic masses of the cord grass and put in the water the was left.  When I finished this foreground and middle ground were reduced to broad mud flats. 
This painting is about contrasts.  I wanted to show a contrast to the organic shapes of the grass and the straight line of the bridge and boat masts in the background.  I emphasized the contrast in colors between the light lavender of the sky, and water, the deep purple on the sandy mud, and red/brown of the grass.